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Dua Lipa makes some ‘New Rules’

Dua Lipa released a single back in April, but it took a few months to gain popularity. The new song ‘New Rules’ is in fact a good one. The British singer started her career when she was just 16 years old, now being 22 she has reached the top ten billboards in a numerous amount of countries worldwide. You may have heard her other songs such as “Scared to be lonely” with Martin Garrix which was featured on the trending page on Youtube and billboard.

When I first heard the song on the radio, the beginning did have a unique start I thought. For me, it was a good song that didn’t sound like all of the other ones on the local radio station or in the trending section.

Out of all honesty it did take me awhile to like the song, for quite sometime it was not my first choice to listen to. It’s like one of those songs if you heard come on your playlist you would switch it. Well, it was that type of song, but now if it is on recommended for Youtube I would definitely listen to it.