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Grace Vanderwaal’s new album is amazing

Grace Vanderwaal was the former 2016 winner for the eleventh season of America’s Got Talent. She won for having a great voice and playing the Ukulele at only 12 years old. She has put some singles out over the past few months, but now she has just released her first album, ‘Just The Beginning.’

She started her music career very similar to Taylor Swift and that is exactly what Simon Cowell told her when she auditioned. Her style of music is very bohemian mixed with pop genre and very acoustic-like. I love the sound of all her songs on the album because it really gives you that relaxed and happy vibe which is very good. Her voice is strong throughout every song, but each song has its own story to it and vibe. It is almost like a Hawaiian sound to the songs. They are all different in their own way but come together to make a great album.

Some of my favorite songs that I would recommend if you like this kind of genre of music is ‘City Song’, ‘Moonlight’, ‘So Much More Than This’ and ‘Escape My Mind’. They all have their own wonderful sound that I think most people would like. Go check her out!