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LHS hosts Bonfils Blood Drive

All day Thursday and continuing into Friday, Bonfils Blood Center is holding a blood drive in the forum. This has become an increasingly popular semi-annual event organized by the National Honor Society and their sponsor, Josh Hahn.

Bonfils is a non profit organization that relies on on volunteers to blood to support the community blood supply. Bonfils distributes blood to a plethora of hospitals and other facilities around Colorado where the is used for many different medical treatments/life-saving operations

LHS community members from parents to students to teachers took about an hour of their day to donate blood and also receive snacks and refreshments for their donations.

“I have donated blood these past three years because it’s really easy when they come to Littleton. I was nervous the first couple times, but now I like it because my blood is saving lives,” said senior Natalie Schoenhals.

Bonfils will likely be visiting LHS later in the winter when it is a slow time for donations because of the weather and sicknesses during these months.