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Taylor Swift blossoms with “Reputation”

Reputation. Reputation. Reputation. Taylor Swift wanted to address her reputation and portrayal by the media in her latest album, properly named, “Reputation.” I would say she successfully accomplished this task by demonstrating that she will not be walked all over by the media or other stars.

With the whirl-wind release of “Look What You Made Me Do” back in August, Swift’s old persona seemed to be thrown in the trash and she was out for revenge. Along with many people, I was shocked by contents of the music video and that the old Taylor was dead, but hoped the entire album was not going to replicate it’s vengeance and almost nefarious tone.

“Reputation” is 100% a pop album, yet I can happily say Swift’s masterful songwriting still shines through. Her personal growth is also evident through her more adult song lyrics, rather than singing about hipsters dressed in cat costumes. As she is in fact, 27 years old and not 16, Swift sings about great relationships rather than her well-chronicled breakups.

Finally, a few jabs at Kanye West and others were thrown into some of the songs and her new attitude is clearly present, but it wouldn’t be Taylor Swift if she didn’t include a line in “Gorgeous” about stumbling home to her two cats, alone.

As possibly her most anticipated album yet, “Reputation” really shines. There will always be people who are bitter that she left country music and changed drastically. Yet, I think she is pretty remarkable to haven taken that leap and accomplished so much at just 27. She is still the talented “Tim McGraw” girl, but with a blossomed, stronger persona, and her new album proves just that.