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The 30th annual Lions Follies is a show-stopper

The traditional Littleton High School talent show, Lions Follies, was held Thursday and Friday night. The nights were  filled with laughter and joy throughout all the students, teachers and parents. It was the also the 30th anniversary of the talent show.

The event is ran by our Student Council and our PTO to help fundraise money for prom and after prom.

There were a lot of funny and amazing acts that had their own joy to them such as comedy, singing and some dancing. It was filled with a lot of talented people and that is one of the things for what Littleton High School is know for. Here are some reviews that students from LHS gave:

“My favorite part was when they did the Spice Girls act at the end of the senior skit, Also, what I like about the show was that it had a good vibe throughout all of it,” said sophomore Osmara Acosta D.

“It was good and my favorite part was the senior skit and the imitations of the teachers. I would give it a 4.5 out of 5,” said freshman Roman Piper.

Highlights included Principal Amy Oaks playing a piece on the piano Thursday, and the teachers presenting their own skit on Friday.

The Lion’s Follies will always be a great entertainment for every student at LHS and hopes to be for the next 30 years.

Dr. Oaks playing the piano.

All the acts performed.

Bella Hathorne singing “Velociraptor”.

The Park Bois X Hot Chocolate perform rap and dance.

Sophomore Skit.

Junior Skit.