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Frisbee team competes in state tournament

Over the weekend, the frisbee team traveled to Broomfield Commons to compete in frisbee state. It was a two day ordeal and overall, the students performed pretty well.

On Saturday, the frisbee team played three games against the Lakewood B team, D’Evelyn/Columbine team and East. They beat Lakewood 13-3 and D’Evelyn/Columbine 10-5. However, they lost to East 13-2.

On Sunday, the team was not as successful. They played Lakewood, Jeffco Open and Chatfield. The students lost to Lakewood 11-9 and Jeffco Open 9-8. However, they were able to pull out a win against Chatfield.

Throughout the tournament, there were a few students who really stood out. Keaton Schreiber, Jenna Silverman, Kiera Schreiber and Will Dinneen were the people who were catching the score-goaling throw. Matthew Sehgal and Keaton Schreiber had the most assists. Evan Roberson, Sehgal, Silverman and Dinneen had the most defensive blocks. Furthermore, the girls played exceptionally well.

“Our girls rock. Our girls make our team and we always say how much better our girls are,” said Silverman.

Despite losing the few games, the team still played well and had a great time.

“Frisbee is cool, and it’s fun, and I feel like it’s a really good team sport and when you’re team works well together it’s really exciting. I think that’s a cool part of frisbee,” said Silverman.