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Stop reading this and watch Stranger Things

On October 27, Netflix released season two of its TV show, “Stranger Things.” I was reluctant when I first started watching, but now I’m just as hooked, if not more so, than the person who got me to start watching it.

Stranger Things is a show about a group of kids who are trying to figure out the (you guessed it) strange things happening in the town of Hawkins, Indiana. The kids are all very connected to the mysterious happenings.

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If you are wondering why my description is so vague, it’s because there have been so many character developments, plot twists and new elements that it is hard to describe it to anyone without giving all of it away.

The show has a very strong feel of sci-fi, but also incorporates a lot of elements about growing up, friendship and everyone’s favorite, cringy middle school romance.

If you are like me and are not usually into sci-fi, I strongly suggest you watch anyways, because there are so many aspects of the show that appeal to just about anyone.

As someone who was skeptical at first, I highly recommend you watch the show. I found the first few episodes the most hard to get through because of the immense amount of new, and of course, strange information. But as I kept watching, the more interesting it got.