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Many students awarded spots on All State Choir

Results for the All State Choir were recently announced and several students from LHS earned spots on this prestigious choir. Students from all over Colorado audition to have a shot at making this very selective choir. Historically, LHS has always been represented in All State.

This year, LHS is represented by Alexa Beale, Turner DeShon, Raphael Flavier, Scout Fournier, Kylie Griggs, Aaron Nice, Preston Novinger, Matt Rolen, Anna Whitney and Sienna Woo. Seniors Beale, DeShon, Griggs and Whitney were also chosen for the All State Jazz Choir.

“It’s my first year in All State and I’m excited to be a part of it. It took a lot of work to get this far, so I’m hoping it will be a rewarding experience,” said senior Sienna Woo.

Auditions took place about a month ago, after many weeks of preparation and hard work to perform in front of judges. Choosing a perfect song, arrangements, and notes all came into play for the singers.

All the students chosen for All State will learn a compilation of songs to perform at a concert in the coming months.