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Musana products for sale during International Week

As part of International Week, products from the Musana Community Development Organization based in Iganga, Uganda are for sale in the front lobby.

There are bead necklaces and bracelets, scarves, headbands, laptop covers, oven mitts and bags with beautiful, unique designs. In addition, you could pay for a chicken, a tree, sheets for bunk beds, mosquito netting for beds, a pair of dress shoes, a school desk, a goat, a white board for a classroom, a soccer net or a teacher’s salary for 1 month.


The founders, Isabirye Hariri Kazindra and Andrea Pauline Kazindra, are Littleton High School alumni who founded the organization in September of 2009.

Musana Community Development Organization

The organization’s core values are local ownership, sustainability, social entrepreneurship and accountability.

Musana uses sustainable solutions to create a better community. The products sold in the lobby are part of the skill development program, where women are given microloans to make the products. The women then use their products to pay off their loans and eventually start their own business.

You can support the Musana organization by buying products from the lobby. For more information or to make an online donation visit:  http://musana.org