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Students get a glimpse of the world through International Week

The week before Thanksgiving is notoriously known for being International Week. Every year we celebrate different people who are actively or have formerly done something highly beneficial for people in a different country.

Although I was only able to attend two of the five days, there were many amazing people who came to visit LHS. On Tuesday, the executive director of Sister Cities of Denver, Beth Hendrix told LHS about the various opportunities we could gain through travel.

The main part of the presentation highlighted different sister cities of Denver which include: Karmiel, Kunming, Axum, Brest, Takyama and Nairobi to name a few.

You maybe wondering what exactly a Sister city is, well it is a very broad based, long term partnership between two cities in different countries.

Hendrix went on to tell us about various exchange programs that the countries have to offer. For more information, visit denversistercities.org now.

That is just one speaker that it was important to hold to great value in order to take useful lessons on to help prepare ourselves for the future. The Denver sister cities was just during sixth hour, and had different speakers for the remaining hours.

International Week has been a tradition of LHS since 2001 and plans to continue for the future.