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A healthier substitute for toasted bread

Ever wonder how a sweet potato could reach its full potential? Well, let me tell you that I was recently informed of an uncommonly known trend of ‘sweet potato toast’ and started thinking about how I would prepare the ‘toast’.

I have an air fryer at home and a regular toaster and thought that it wouldn’t hurt to see which method turned out better in order to know for the future if I did like the sweet potato toast.

In the image below, the left picture is of before I toasted the potato and on the right is after. I did not notice a difference in using the air fryer compared to the toaster. Although, the toaster did not take as long to evenly cook the interior of the potato.



I will say the best thing about substituting bread with a sweet potato is it has the same level of sweetness, making almost any topping suitable.

I tried a variety of toppings with this experiment. I put Nutella on a couple of slices which wasn’t my favorite but was not bad by any means. However, my favorite was the banana peanut butter slices. It had sweet and salty, I couldn’t even notice the difference between  the topping on bread and sweet potato.

I poached eggs to try a more savory topping and it was definitely not something I have ever seen, to say the least. To get inspired, there are many platforms such as pinterest or just even google imaging ‘sweet potato toast’ would give you amazing ideas that will fit your taste.