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Littleton welcomes its littlest lions

Now that the first semester of Littleton High School’s 2017-2018 school year is coming to an end, the brand new addition to this school, the early high schoolers, are finally getting fully acquainted to this new environment.

 All of their classes are average freshman through senior classes except for social studies and language arts, and the students and teachers seem to be glad that they’re accompanying them throughout the year.

“[The program] introduces younger kids to this environment, and it shows how much they can really fit in, even though they’re way younger than, you know, the seniors,” said senior Raphael Flavier.

Flavier feels that the eighth graders are a welcome addition here at Littleton High School. When asked if he would have participated in this when he was in eighth grade, he replied, “Yes, definitely. If I would have done it in eighth grade, then I think high school would have been a better experience for me.”

Some students have more mixed feelings about the program.

“I think as people they (the 8th graders) are really interesting, and cool to talk to, as far as their attitudes, sometimes I don’t like how many of them seem to feel that they are better than many others, especially freshmen, because of academics,” said junior Leah Thorpe.

Teachers have also been impacted by the new addition to Littleton High School.

World language, math, elective and science teachers all are given the task to teach eighth graders.

Teachers often do not even realize that someone is an eighth grader, because they usually get their work done and on time, and according to science teacher Beth Rankin, “There are rock stars in this eighth grade class. And, I just can’t imagine them being in eighth grade and not being provided with the challenges that we’re providing them here. They absolutely belong here. And I love them.”

World Language teacher Leslie Anderson agrees.

“I think the kids who are in the early high school program are doing a great job,” said Anderson.

She feels that the eighth graders can accomplish just as much as other students. She said, “The 8th graders I have are really focused and really really hard working. They seem to be very focused on their academics.”

As the first semester of the Early High School program comes to a close, it is clear that the eighth graders fit in just as well as their older peers.