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Band lights up the night at the Festival of Lights

On Saturday, December 3rd, the LHS band traveled by bus to Colorado Springs to perform in the Festival of Lights. They do this Christmas parade every year, but this year they had the offer to participate in the Parade of Lights that occurred the same night in Downtown Denver. Despite this, the band kept with tradition and voted to go to Colorado Springs.

Along with this annual Christmas tradition, the band also went to Fargos for dinner, a pizza place up there that is holiday themed.

For the parade, the band spiced it up by putting lights on everything.

“It was a lot of fun. For this one, we put lights on just about everything. Also guard and drum majors got to wear costumes. Anna and I wore lemur onsies with lights on them,” said senior and assistant drum major Natalie Schoenhals.

As for the music, the band performed an arrangement of Christmas songs put together by former LHS student, Amber Sheeran.

The students loved performing and this was a perfect way to welcome the Christmas season.

“This was a good bonding time for the band. We’re all super excited for Christmas now,” said Schoenhals.

Seniors Anna Matl and Natalie Schoenhals smile wearing their onsies and Christmas lights.