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Debate competes at the Mile High Tournament

On Friday and Saturday, a few members of the debate team competed at the Mile High Tournament while the rest of the team competed at Chatfield. The Mile High Tournament took place at the University of Denver and seniors Avery Zieper, Abby Moses, Ben Morris and Matt Sehgal participated.

The Public Forum team consisting of Moses and Zieper won four rounds and lost two. The other team had the same fate which meant they did not advance to quarterfinals.

However, it was a great experience for those involved and a beneficial opportunity to improve their skills.

“I really liked it because it was something different. We normally just go to meets at various high schools, but it was neat to go to DU,” said Zieper.

It was also an enriching experience for the team as many students from across the country came. This meant more competition and new faces for LHS to compete against.

“It was cool because we usually see the same people at every tournament and I liked having more competition and different feedback,” said Zieper.

The entire team has enjoyed success early on in the season and they hope to continue as the season progresses.