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An amazing win for the beginning of the season for girls basketball

Thursday, November 30th our girls basketball team had their first game against Harrison and they played phenomenally. All the girls on C team, JV and varsity won their games. C team won 55 to 5, JV won 55 to 10, and lastly varsity won 60 to 25.

It was a great first win for the season. Last year it was a great season for the girls.

“It was really awesome to see us come together and start off the year with a good win! I hope for the rest of the season we improve with each game and finish with a super awesome record,” said sophomore Ellie Fuchs.

 The girls hope for a fantastic season like they did last year or even better.

“I do feel accomplished because it was a great start for the season. What I’m looking for in this season is that our team could all work together as a team and have us all be able to push ourselves,” said sophomore Mackenzie Schwartz.

It looks like our girls are feeling very confident about this season. The next girls’ basketball game is on Saturday, December 9th.