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The DECA Districts were amazing for the DECA team

On Monday, December 4, DECA had their district  competition at CU Boulder South Campus. They took 81 members of DECA to districts this year and got 1st place. DECA shows off their business,entrepreneurial and marketing skills to judges and compete with other schools. They had different presentations such as role-playing by being a certain role in the business. This also works on their public speaking skills.

“I was a manager of a store and I needed to speak to my boss (the judges) about food allergies and how to get more customers in. We only had 10 minutes to prepare and write notes on our paper before we went down stairs into a large room where we had to find our judge.” said sophomore Kayla Grychnik.

They have learned so much throughout joining DECA and this club is something that helps people learn about the business industry and a lot of people learn new things everyday from joining this club.

“I don’t think I would have the confidence to talk in front of a stranger and talk about an event I just made up if it wasn’t for DECA.” said sophomore Makayla Franklin.

It looks like people truly enjoy DECA since they learn so many new things they have never learned before. They will be going to state in February and we hope the best for them.