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Riverdale is the newest Nancy Drew

Riverdale is a teen murder mystery show that has been the most popular show around the world that everyone is loving. It’s a show that gets you thinking and you actually have to think of who committed the murder. They don’t just give it away easily like other shows. It all started in season one where the mystery was who killed Jason Blossom who went to Riverdale High. It was a big journey for all the people of Riverdale but they finally solved it. This show is very similar to the Nancy Drew books we used to read as a kid.

On October 11th, season 2 of Riverdale started and it is getting juicier and juicier every episode. In season 2, the gang, Betty, Jughead, Veronica, Archie, Cheryl, and others search and try to find who has been killing the citizens of Riverdale. The murder they are trying to find calls him or herself ‘The Black Hood’.  It is still a mystery to solve but the gang can solve it.

I highly recommend this show to all the people who love a good murder mystery and a teen drama.  This is a  show that causes a roller coaster of emotions so bring the tissues and blankets.