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Girls swim for second against Golden and Standley Lake

On Tuesday, December 13th, the girls’ swimming team competed at Littleton against Golden and Standley Lake. With a lot of the swimmers that missed the last meet returning for this one, the team overall performed a lot better, pulling a second place win.

“We did a good job competing against two other teams which we haven’t done yet this season,” said senior Lydia VanKooten.

Throughout the meet, the team felt a strong sense of cohesiveness and support. This was especially beneficial for the newer swimmers, as the cheering helped them swim a lot better.

“I think we did really well. We had a lot of girls trying new events they had never swam before and everyone did a great job cheering and supporting their teammates,” said VanKooten.

The girls’ next varsity meet is the Colorado Coaches Invitational at the Veterans Memorial Aquatics Center against a bunch of high schools.