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Hockey wins hard fought game

Thursday night, the combined LPS hockey team defeated the tough Resurrection Christian Cougars, 3-1. With this big win, LPS improves to a fantastic 10-1 record with their only loss to #1 ranked Regis Jesuit. As of now, LPS is also ranked #7 in the state and could potentially move up as they just beat the #6 ranked team.

Early on, the Cougars proved to be very physical, fast and smart with the puck. They definitely made their presence known all over the ice and the Eagles struggled to gain momentum/possession. They were, however, able to hold it together enough to keep the game scoreless by the end of the first period.

LPS couldn’t capitalize on a power play in the second and shortly thereafter, Res. Christian notched a goal from the top of the circle. Yet as the period progressed, the Eagles had extremely solid goaltending from James Purse and seemed to gain more momentum after a strong penalty kill. This led to LPS tying the game with about three minutes left in the second and finished off the rest of the period with increased confidence.

Although Res. Christian had many opportunities and controlled the puck more than the Eagles, LPS found a way to capitalize on their fewer chances. Shortly after the third period began, the Eagles scored on a tipped point shot to take the lead 2-1.

Res. Christian put the pressure on the Eagles in the third and definitely had lots of opportunities, but LPS was resilient. With less than four minutes remaining, captain Matt More scored on a rebound to secure the victory, 3-1.

This was very much a team win for the Eagles who head to the mountains for a tournament next week, but will be back at their home rink, South Suburban, on January 27 against Battle Mountain. They have had an impressive season thus far and will be fun to watch in the coming weeks as they look to win more games and get ready for the playoffs.