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A cartoon horse brings viewers a beautifully dark satirical series

Haven’t we all been wanting there to be a television series that focuses on a cartoon horse that is famous from starring in a family sitcom in the 90’s and now lives a lonely, depressing life of parties, riches and a constant desire to find happiness, but never succeeds? Well, now there is! Netflix has created a four season series entitled “BoJack Horseman” that encompasses everything I know we have all been craving to see.

“BoJack Horseman” is a dark satire on fame and celebrities living in Hollywood. The basic premise of the show is that it looks at the life of a former famous actor from the 90’s, BoJack Horseman. BoJack is obviously a horse and lives alongside his closest friends, Todd and Diane, both humans, and Mr. Peanutbutter, a dog, though he claims he does not actually like any of them and is constantly teasing or getting sarcastically angry at them all.

The series opens with BoJack wanting to write a book about himself in order to secure fame once again. However, in the end, he lets his depression and drug addiction get in the way, forcing the need for a ghost writer, Diane. The series then continues to focus on BoJack trying to find happiness and achieving the things he’s always dreamed about. However, even when BoJack finally does reach his goals, he finds that his happiness is only temporary and ends when the buzz from his latest project does as well.

If BoJack’s depression is not enough to get you to want to watch the series, here are some names of the famous celebrities used in the series: Bread Poot, Jurj Clooners, Mitt Dermon, Lernernerner Dicapricorn and many more (It is very clear who these names are based off of). Furthermore, there are animal puns used in almost every episode.

Despite the depressive nature of BoJack’s character, the series is hilarious and has a very unique and new type of humor. It turns some of the most real and controversial subjects we constantly deal with in our American society and turns them into a comedy. The series also comments on expectations teens are dealing with today, such as sex or drug and alcohol abuse. Even though the show appears as it is glorifying these types of things, by exaggerating and sarcastically showing the characters’ involvement with these subjects, the show actually makes these expectations seem ridiculous and overrated. Furthermore, in relation to the complexity of the media, there are many hilarious comments on the information our real world news sources decide to provide us. For example, the news anchor in the show will quickly reference another character who is doing incredible charity work in another country, then focus majority of its attention and drama on something insignificant, like Beyonce slipping in money and hurting her ankle.

With crude jokes on abortion, drug abuse and dangers, the media, murder, sexual subjects and more topics along these lines, this show is recommended for those who have a very specific type of humor. Furthermore, their is some inappropriate language and content, so please only watch if you are able to handle more mature subject matter.