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Students dazzle at annual Continental League performance

On Monday, January 22nd, a selected group of choir and band students traveled to Boettcher Hall to perform at Continental League. Performing Arts teachers Jim Farrell and Don Emmons chose the students who got to join the other schools and participate in this exciting musical production.

Both choir and band performed a wide variety of pieces, ranging from more upbeat to slower, soft songs. With this mixture of tempo and sound, the performance was overall a success and very pleasing.

“I think the performance went really well. It was really fun playing. There was a lot of dynamic contrast and style within the pieces and all the solos sounded great,” said senior Madison Baughman.

Furthermore, the directors played a large role in preparing and perfecting the student’s performances. This includes Dr. Phillips, the band director, Dr. Brad Holmes, the choir director, and Devin Hughes, the orchestra conductor. Without their dedication to the students and previous musical talent and experience, the performance would not have been as successful.

“The conductors were wonderful. They brought a lot of enthusiasm and knowledge,” said Baughman.

For months, the directors have held multiple practices in preparation for this night. The students were also encouraged to work outside of rehearsal time in order to perfect their pieces.

“We have four combined rehearsals and then one sectional rehearsal. A lot of us worked on the music individually outside of rehearsals too,” said Baughman.

Overall, the students are excited about how they performed and feel their hard work has payed off. They now look forward to their upcoming productions later in the semester.