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“The Post” tells an amazing story

“The Post” does an amazing job of retelling a story that occurred a time ago, one that not too many people would know about, considering a significant portion of the population wasn’t born yet. It is a great example that true stories make amazing stories in a time when there aren’t very many original ideas for cinema. These days, there’s a lot of drama around the media, and it’s a film like this that really does a good job at emphasizing the importance of the media in the United State’s value of freedom of speech.

Throughout the movie there are classified government documents concerning progress in the Vietnam War, that the government had been lying to the public about for years on end, that had been leaked out to the major newspapers like the New York Times. The government takes the New York Times to court, and so the Washington Post, owned by Katherine Graham, played by Meryl Streep, and other people involved in the Washington post, are forced to make the decision to go to prison for publishing the classified documents that had been leaked to them as well.

The film makes a great statement about gender equality in both the social and business world. The film overall makes great social statements while also teaching people the history of our country and government.