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Unified basketball plays great game against Dakota Ridge

Tonight at 7:00 pm, the Littleton Unified team played and beat Dakota Ridge with an impressive final score of 113 to 88.

Junior Scott Bourg had countless rebounds and assists, in addition to playing point guard for the majority of the game.

Throughout tonight’s face-paced game, sophomore Max Warren was one of several consistent scorers who helped to push the team to breach  over 100 points.

In addition, two of the teams main scorers, senior Reuben Valdivia and junior Samantha Ostlee, hit several three-pointers for the Lions.

The Lions’ sideline was especially active tonight, dancing and doing cheers that incorporated Cheer and Poms.

“The best part of unified is seeing how much the players have grown and being able to experience that growth with them, and also just seeing how happy they are when they score baskets and being able to enjoy the sport with them,” said senior Erica McNamee.