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Senior night for the Lady Lionfish

On January 25, the Lady Lionfish competed in their last home swim meet against league opponents, the D’Evelyn Jaguars and Bear Creek Bears. It was also a meet to celebrate the senior teammates.

The Lady Lionfish were able to finish second place in the meet. Many swimmers and divers will be going to A-league and potentially state.

“My dive meet went super well, it was the last one and I made it count and it turned out really good. Me and Alex Ortiz are going to A-league next Saturday,” said senior diver Mandy Zueger.

As A-league approaches, the possibility of going to state is right around the corner as well and many of our seniors will potentially get the chance to compete. For many seniors, this last home meet was very emotional.

“Senior night was awesome. It was kind of sad, just knowing that were leaving, but it was really fun,” added Zueger.

The Lady Lionfish will be competing at A-league next Saturday, February 2 at Meyers Pool in Arvada.

Senior Mandy Zueger celebrating her last home meet.