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Girls’ basketball team plays a tough game against Valor

Last night, the Lady Lions girls’ basketball team played against Valor, one of their toughest competitors. They played with intensity, but they were defeated with a score of 25-55.

All the teams that played against Valor fought hard. JV won their game, and it motivated the Varsity girls. They came out strong in the beginning, but the game got tougher as time went on. Many of the shots made were by Sarah Payson and Katie Puchino.

The team also had great moments where they stole the ball and blocked shooting attempts from Valor. They played aggressively until the end, but Valor also played aggressively. 

Katie Puchino making a pass

“I feel we played really hard in the first half and we are getting a lot better. We just need to stick it out and play the whole game,” said captain Puchino. 

The team’s next game is on Monday at 7pm, go and cheer them on!