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Boys’ basketball falls short against Standley Lake

Tonight, the boys basketball team faced Standley Lake in an exciting, close game. Ultimately the Lions lost by just 4 points, 57-53, but gained lots of knowledge that will help them to improve their game as the season continues.

Standley Lake and LHS were very evenly matched as they now both have an 8-10 record. This reflected the play as both teams had big offensive chances and strong defense. Although the first quarter was neck and neck, Standley Lake pulled ahead in the second quarter.

“We definitely fought hard, but there were some key plays that didn’t go our way. We’re on the right track on both sides of the ball, we just haven’t put it all together yet,” said senior Reilly McGuire.

LHS had more success in the second half as they outscored Standley Lake in the third quarter and closed in on their lead. Although things seemed to be coming together and there were smart plays made by seniors Nico Corradino and Jason Levy, the Lions couldn’t get those extra baskets.

Even with this loss, the team has been doing extremely well compared to previous years and are on track to earn a playoff spot. The Lions’ next game is on Friday against a tough Evergreen team, but they are ready to take on the challenge.