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Registration opens for 2018-19 school year

Class registration for returning students begins this month and will be due on Infinite Campus by February 21. This is an important step for students to complete if they want a choice in the classes and electives they take next school year.

There are a few differences in the registration process this year, from the way it appears on Infinite Campus, to how teachers and administration are spreading the word.

“It is going to look a little different this year. There is going to be a ‘course plan’ tab that students are able to [click to] see their four year plan, as opposed to just the semester they are looking at, which is pretty neat,” said guidance counselor Melia Gobble.

Similar to years past, students will complete their registration and supplemental class request via Infinite Campus. There will be ample opportunity for students to ask questions and get help with this process over the next month from counselors, Seminar teachers and others. As usual, there will be lunch information sessions later in the month. Starting this year, registration will be primarily completed during Seminar classes on February 7 and 14 to encourage students to complete the form, as well as to clarify any confusion students may have about the process. This comes as a push from administration to encourage more students to register.

“When students don’t register, it eliminates their choice, because if they don’t register, Infinite Campus kind of plugs them in to whatever else is available. It’s important for students to have their choices requested so that we can try and honor that… it also just eliminates all the schedule changes later,” said Gobble.

Students can log onto Infinite Campus beginning in February to start the registration process.