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Superbowl commercials rated

1: Tide

Truly iconic. Tide has gotten quite a bit of publicity lately, with teenagers eating their Tide Pods and all, but it is sure to be even more popular after their epic series “It’s a Tide ad.” David Harbour, star from the popular show Stranger Things, charmed viewers into the idea that every ad is a Tide ad. Equally significant, Isaiah Mustafa, the classic “hello ladies” model for Old Spice joined with Tide to create an even more memorable ad.

2: Amazon

In Amazon’s commercial, the popular Amazon Echo, or “Alexa” has lost her voice. Jeff Bezos, owner of Amazon, stars when his assistant tells him the plan is to use real people to temporarily replace Alexa. Guest “Alexa” voices include Cardi B, Rebel Wilson, Gordon Ramsay and Anthony Hopkins.

3: Wendy’s

There’s nothing like throwing shade at 106.4 billion dollar international chain to show consumers you have confidence. In their Superbowl commercial, Wendy’s spun the famous “golden arches” into the “frozen arches” to expose McDonald’s flash frozen beef.

4: Budlight



The insurance company’s “this is getting old” commercial stars old people taking on the roles of a lifeguard, firefighter, and of course,” DJ nana” to advertise their retirement accounts.

Other highlights:

  • Budweiser took the opportunity to tell the world they are contributing water to places in need like Puerto Rico
  • M&M’s had a memorable commercial including Danny Devito as an M&M that came to life
  • The anticipated Doritos and Mountain Dew back-to-back commercials representing fire (Peter Dinklage) and ice (Morgan Freeman)
  • Michelob Ultra knew they could not go wrong with Chris Pratt, and they were right