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FBLA places on top at district conference

Today, the FBLA chapter attended the district meeting at the Arapahoe Fairgrounds, with the hopes to qualify as many members as possible for the state conference that will be in Vail, Colorado this April.

FBLA is not just an organization that is focused on winning at competitions, it is a group that is attempting to improve the student’s speaking and leadership skills while interesting them in the field of business.

However, no matter the motive, the student’s performed extremely well at the district conference. Out of the 38 members who competed from Littleton’s chapter, 28 qualified for the state conference. However, LHS has the chance to send even more students to state, if teams from other schools are not able to attend the conference.

The teams attending the conference participated in a plethora of different events and sought to give it their best performance in order to have a chance to place and qualify for the conference in Vail.

“I’m looking forward to competing against others. We got 1st in our district so I would like to place at state as well in order to have a chance of going to nationals,” said senior Sandra Tobon.

With teams winning 1st in the LPS district, it is a great stride for team on the road to state as it will propel them into the competition with some profound confidence as they prepare for the conference on the 12th through the 14th of April.