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Unified defeats Rebels, 84-71

Last night, the Lions defeated the Columbine Rebels in the Unified game, 84-71. Many students, as well as poms and cheer, were there supporting the team.

“It was awesome,” said senior Unified player, Mary Martinez.

The game was very close in score the entire time. However, the Lions were able to power ahead in the second half of the game to win by over ten points.

“I like basketball. I like making baskets,” said junior Max Warren on the team.

There were also several three point baskets made by both teams to make for a very fun night, with extra hype and cheering.

“We worked on our passing more, and I was proud of that. I made my first three; that was pretty exciting,” said senior Ruben Valdivia, one of the highest scorers of the night.

At halftime, the poms team performed a new routine in hawaiian outfits to try out the dance before Friday’s girls’ basketball game. Also between quarters, fun music played and Unified members danced with other students.

Overall, the Unified game produced another great turnout, and the Lions ultimately came out on top with the win. More than that, the smiles and excitement seen on the players’ faces are what really made it one of the best events here at LHS.