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Katie Puchino signs to play college soccer

On Wednesday afternoon, senior Katie Puchino signed to play soccer at the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs. Coaches, teammates and family members attended to support Puchino for her achievements and celebrate her big day.

“Katie Puchino is someone who works hard everyday. She always came to soccer camps and had so much energy, helping others as well. This is something she definitely earned ad I am so proud of her, ” said high school soccer coach Terry Banfield.

Puchino is one of the four senior student-athletes that have commited to play a college sport this year.

“I had to go try out with the team and [they] finally offered me a spot. I feel really good about it and I’m super happy I’m going,” said Puchino.

This spring will be Puchino’s last high school season and she will be playing with UCCS in the fall.

Teammates join Puchino at signing ceremony.

Mr. and Mrs. Puchino supporting their daughter.