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Hidden Places of LHS: theater

Most students at LHS do not think too much about what goes on behind the scenes of concerts, plays and musicals. However, if you ask anyone who is frequently in and below the theater, they have some stories to tell.

The theater area consists of three levels: the main floor where the stage and backstage are, the upper balcony for props and the floor below the theater.

If you are walking downstairs from the art hallway towards the technology lab, the bottom floor of the theater can be accessed through the first door on the right immediately after the stairs end. That door leads to a hallway for storage that connects the lower and main levels of the theater.

Beyond this hallway lies the costume shop and space used for storage. This room can also be accessed by lowering the pit, the small part of the stage toward the front that can be moved to be level to or below the main stage.

The costume shop

While the costume shop is colorful and lit with fun lights, other sections of the area below the stage appear less welcoming.

Writing on the walls adjacent to the costume shop

Equipment used to raise and lower the pit can be seen when the pit is between its highest and lowest points.

Many students who participate in theater or stage crew share their own ghost stories/experiences or ones that other students have experienced below the theater.

Several reported stories include:

  • The ghost cat: theater arts teacher Kryssi Martin was said to have gone up to the upper props level and heard a cat hissing.
  • A student was in the costume shop organizing and pulling things for the show when the back rack started shaking. This experience is said to have led to theater’s rule that people must go down to the costume shop in pairs.
  • The testimonies of several anonymous sources coincide on three ghosts, the main of which is named Sam.
  • Some say when they go down to the costume shop they feel a wind or chill
  • Another anonymous source said that close to finals week, she was sitting on the stage crying because she was late to school when they felt something hug them. “It was really cool, I was like, there’s no one here… this is really interesting, but cute at the same time.”
  • When asked about the overall behavior of said ghosts, another anonymous source said, “They’re pretty nice, I mean sometimes they can be mean, but, what can you do?”

These stories help to provide insight on a hidden and mysterious part of LHS that few know about. Stories vary from person to person, so if you want to find out more from the real experts, you can head over to the theater and see what students have to say.