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Girls basketball senior night victory

Thursday night, the girls’ basketball team played against Wheat Ridge High School and also celebrated their senior night. Senior cheerleaders and poms members also got recognition during half time. The Lions beat the Farmers with a final score of 43-28.

The first half, the ball was in the possession of the Lions for most of the game. The girls kept up their lead by making 3-pointer shots and getting the rebound shots into the basket.

“We were struggling a little bit in the first half with scoring and stuff. And our energy went up and down a little bit but in the end, we were playing as a team,” said senior Rebekah Sandstrom.

By half time, the Lady Lions were ahead with a score of 24-11.

In the second half, the Lions started to slip up and the Farmers started to catch up. As soon as they realized that they were lacking communication and aggressiveness, they started to step up. Their teamwork became important. 

“It feels really good to know that you guys are working together as a team,” said Sandstrom. 

Towards the end of the game, the Lions became more aggressive. The crowd started to become anxious as there were more and more fouls being made by both teams. Although there seemed to be a chance for the Farmers to catch up with them, the Lions won the game. 

The next game for the girls will be on Tuesday night as they start the first round of playoffs.

Senior Olivia Schroeder blocking the ball