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Sources of Strength Project introduced to Littleton

On February 22, selected students got the chance to go to a program that was newly introduced to Littleton this year. The Sources of Strength program had over 44 students from Littleton go to training at the AMES facility. During their time there, they got to have conversations and play games that taught them what Sources of Strength is all about.

Teachers picked students from their classes that they thought exemplified leadership. They picked students who have influence among their peers. This is important for when their peers are having a hard time with their lives and are struggling to seek help.

Students were trained throughout the day on what they could do to make others aware of the resources around them. This means that instead of focusing on the bad, they will be able to give support to their friends and help them find ways to acknowledge the sources of strength they have in their lives.

This does not mean that the students have been trained to be counselors or psychologists, simply they are there to help in the process as a friend.

The categories of Sources of Strength

The students that have been chosen for the Sources of Strength project will continue to meet throughout the year. They plan to come up with campaign ideas that will help bring awareness to their project. During the training, they came up with ideas and they plan to bring their ideas to Littleton.

Students playing a game