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LHS presents the amazing Little Mermaid

Disney’s The Little Mermaid performed by the Littleton High School’s theater program is an absolutely amazing show that is worthy of more than a single visit. All the costumes, makeup, set design and boisterous actors all work together to make a great feeling that will be felt in your bones.

The perfect story of a little mermaid who wants to walk among the humans in the world above, and is tricked so deviously by her wicked aunt Ursula is performed so greatly by the cast of Littleton students that it is sure to remind you of your childhood with a nostalgia that will warm your heart.

The actors do a great job of interacting with the audience and creating an amazing atmosphere that is felt through and between all audience. This atmosphere may also be partially due to the great atmosphere and relationships shared by the Littleton actors themselves.

“I love how close everyone is, and how it feels just like one big family, and it’s really a tight knit community. Everyone’s very inclusive and kind, and I really love being a part of this show… It’s definitely just the environment of Littleton High School,” said senior Makayla Reglocklen.

It’s rather obvious that the students as a whole have a great community relationship, and this energy and vibe that the students bring to the stage really does a great job at rubbing off on the audience in a great way.