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Girls ultimate loses narrowly in season opener

Yesterday evening, the LHS girls ultimate team played against Cherry Creek in a chilly first game of the season. The final score put the Lions behind by just two points, losing 8-6.

The game started out slow, especially for Littleton, with a number of dropped passes and narrowly missed points in the endzone. Just before halftime, just over an hour into the game, Cherry Creek was ahead 6-2.

The primary offensive strategy for both teams was a ho-stack and LHS used a vert-stack in the endzone. When moving the disc up the field, Creek did a successful job in being able to swing wide, keeping their ho-stack open and harder defend. In contrast, the Lions had a tendency to crowd around the handlers, slowing down the upfield progression and allowing more chances for Creek to gain possession.

“A lot of what we’re trying to do is just learn how to create space and openness so we can move the disc,” said head coach Mary Rosenberg, adding “people are a little bit too close [to each other] and need to open it up.”

But right around soft cap, when Creek needed only two points to win and LHS needed four to tie, the Lions really sped things up. Their ho-stack opened up, their endzone catches improved, and they picked up four points within a short period of time. While they did lose, it was impressive how rapidly they could close the gap against a team as capable as Cherry Creek.

“I think it [went] really well for both sides… We had a really good comeback,” said player Cassie Banuelos, who is in her second season of playing ultimate.

Despite the loss, the girls ultimate team has much to be proud of for their first game of the season.