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Walking Dead returns: are you a true fan?

If you are a Walking Dead fan, you probably already know that Season 8 is back on as of two weeks ago, on February 26. When I told my friends that I was pumped for it to return, most of them were surprised that I even like the show in the first place. I mean zombies and violence, cheesy!! Actually, the Walking Dead is nothing like that, and if you haven’t ever watched it, I suggest you start now (although it’s going to take you about three years to catch up unless you want to binge watch multiple seasons at a time). Okay, enough of the PSA, I’m going to start talking about Season 7 now, so if you aren’t caught up, STOP READING because I don’t want to spoil anything for you.

Season 8 returned with the Saviors burning Alexandria. Rick, Michonne, Carl and some of the others are stuck in an underground tunnel. Before the mid-season break, viewers found out that Carl was bitten by a zombie (which obviously means he is going to die soon). This first episode largely surrounds Carl’s death. We get a glimpse of the world Carl envisions; a world of peace, happiness, and safety. But we also see Alexandria in ashes and filled with zombies. Things aren’t looking too good for Rick’s people.

Last week’s episode hopped around to different character’s perspectives. Carol and Morgan try to save Ezekiel and end up killing several Saviors, Enid and Aaron try to convince the society of women to join the fight against the Saviors (to no avail), and Rick and Michonne revisit Jadis and the trash society, to find her alone, the rest of her society wiped out (we also learn in the episode that the Saviors wiped out the trash population). What does this tell us about the season so far? Everything is a mess, and it seems as though Negan is winning. Not only are zombies and the Saviors a problem, characters start facing moral dilemmas. Who can we trust? Who should we kill? Can we forgive anyone? Viewers see Rick debating this when he decides to leave Jadis on her pile of trash, even though she asks to come with him. I was personally annoyed at Rick, but at the same time, I haven’t been through all the death and suffering that Rick has so… I can’t really say much.

Where is the show going? This is a good question. A friend of mine who used to watch Walking Dead says she doesn’t watch it anymore because it’s always the same and it’s going nowhere. That makes sense, in some regards. Rick’s people have been fighting the Saviors for a solid two seasons, and guess what? They are STILL FIGHTING. However, characters have developed tremendously throughout this time, and I believe the show is still going places. The comic book authors are still writing the comics, and I don’t believe the show has any intention of wrapping up any time soon. Some people are starting to feel frustrated with the show because it keeps killing off good characters that have been on the show forever (Carl, for example). Rick is really the only one left who has been on the show from the very beginning, which is sad. Although the new characters the show has introduced have been awesome. So…it goes both ways.

Alright, enough of my blabbering on about the show. It’s judgement time. It’s time to assess yourself. Are you a true Walking Dead fan who is going to stay with the show forever and ever? Or are you a hypocritical Walking Dead fan who is going to stop watching the show this season? I’m hoping you are the former, because I certainly am.