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Boys’ lacrosse defeats Windsor after losing two years in a row

On Saturday, April 7 the boys’ lacrosse team finally defeated Windsor High School. This win was especially exciting because the team had lost to them two years in a row by more than seven points. On top of this, the boys beat them easily, as the final score was 13-7.

“We have lost to them by at least seven goals two years in a row, so it feels awesome to have our team put together such a solid performance and get some revenge,” said senior captain Matty Peredes.

During the game, Peredes, a typical goal scorer, scored five goals and senior Liam O’Malley, another common scorer, had six goals. O’Malley also had three assists, Peredes had three and his younger brother, Cam Peredes, had one assist and one goal.

As the captain, Peredes owes their win to how well they worked together and the dedication to the team they displayed on the field.

“I think we have become more cohesive as a team and have refined our skills. We are leaving everything on the field for our teammates, not just ourselves,” said Peredes.