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Senior Molly Rosales awarded full ride scholarship

For most high school students, Mondays are the most dreaded day of the week that they must get through in order to reach Friday. However, for senior Molly Rosales, Monday became a day of big celebrations and big checks. This is because Rosales was awarded the Sean “Ranch” Lough Memorial Scholarship, which is a full ride scholarship to Colorado State University.

“They walked me into post grad, they had a big check and [said] congratulations…I almost passed out I think,” said Rosales.

The scholarship was awarded to three candidates out of the thousands of applicants who were originally in the running. Rosales had to go through multiple steps in order to receive the award including an essay and two interviews, with one being in front of the scholarship committee. This time consuming and hopeful process lasted about 4 months, finally coming to a great conclusion Monday morning.

Throughout the process, Rosales had the guidance of teacher Erin Mann to help her through the steps. From preparing and practicing mock interview questions to making lists of Rosales’ strengths and weaknesses.

“I think [Rosales] got [the scholarship] because she’s done so well in school, had really strong recommendations…and they could tell that she really wanted to go to CSU [as well as] she convinced [the committee] that she would be at CSU and she would keep getting good grades and wouldn’t dip,” said teacher Erin Mann.

With this incredible scholarship awarded to Rosales, she will attend CSU in the fall to study Biology with a focus on Zoology

Senior Molly Rosales’ first look at enormous check from scholarship.