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Prom 2018

On Saturday, April 28, Littleton High School students went into the Children’s Museum for probably the first time since they had silly bands. The unusual setting went with the theme “imagine” as students wandered the museum full of interactive exhibits and colorful decorations.

The dance floor was located on the upper level surrounded by a balcony that overlooked Elitches and downtown Denver. Also upstairs was the food and a glass wall where students could write in chalk paint. The most popular exhibit was the bubble exhibit, where many people spent the majority of the night. The woodland exhibit was renovated to be a photo booth. The water exhibit that led into the lower patio was less visited, but still had people acting like kids again.

The center of the building was an altitude activity, reminiscent of a McDonald’s play place on steroids. Don’t be deceived, however, the dark mountain of sorts challenged you to get to the very top, and is extremely strenuous for anyone above four feet, let alone in prom attire. Among the colorful lights and playful exhibits, this year’s prom was spot-on letting “imagine” and celebrate being young.

The fashion was stunning. The men were dressed in their finest tuxes, even the ladies were stunning with their ball gowns and hair-dos. Everyone was very creative with their fashion for the night. The men went to a lot of places such as Men’s Wearhouse, Calvin Klein, etc. Then, some men went to the finest of places to get their high end fashion, Arc Thrift Store. It is some ways to save your money for prom yet still looking your absolute best.

The ladies were also dressed to impress. It was from David’s Bridal and Nordstrom’s to Target or Amazon. While looking at them you couldn’t even tell they were from Target or Amazon or even thrifted, they looked like they could be from a high end store. Everyone was creative and stylish and looked amazing.

Despite the childlike atmosphere, the food was anything but amateur. People were dying for it and while passing by the kitchen you can smell the sweet aroma of pastries. Everyone had good things to say about it.

This year’s prom royalty included juniors Rose Kelly and Jaq Goffinet. Senior Prom Queen was Mary Holyfield and Prom King was Trevor Deshon.