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Senior breakfast excites students for graduation

This morning, the senior class gathered together for a senior breakfast to discuss upcoming events, one of the most important ones being graduation.

The breakfast included pancakes and sausage catered by Flippin’ Flapjacks. While seniors enjoyed their fluffy pancakes, student council members discussed options for what faculty members students wanted to announce names at graduation.

“The senior breakfast was fun because we got to spend time with our friends while eating good food,” said senior Merry Gebrestadik.

In addition to the food, many seniors were excited to hear plans on graduation and preparations for the last coming weeks.

“I’m stoked about graduation, like it can’t come soon enough. I’m really only looking forward to getting that diploma so I have something to show for twelve years of my time and effort,” said senior Julie Mattox.

The food was a great way for seniors to come but unfortunately students were not able to get much information on caps and tassels until seminar that happened later in the day.

Overall, the senior breakfast was a great hit because of the “free food”, and it was able to excite students about graduation which will be on Friday, May 25.