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Boys’ baseball ends season

After a few days of unpredictable weather, the boys’ baseball team finished their last game of the season Friday afternoon. The boys played the D’Evelyn Jaguars on Wednesday, however the weather did not look promising and after a few innings, there was a complete downpour and the game was moved to Friday.

The boys had a good start to the game on Wednesday scoring two runs to tie D’Evelyn in the second inning. Sophomore Seth Iken hit a double to score a runner and tie the game. This was before the sky opened up and they had to move it to the end of the week.

On the sunny Friday, the boys didn’t fair so well as D’Evelyn scored many runs to win 13-2. Unfortunately, the loss means LHS will not make it into the playoffs, and they finish with a 10-9 record which is still something to be very proud of.

“I’m going to miss playing with my teammates and all the jokes we had. We didn’t go out the way we wanted to, but overall it was a fun season,” said senior Jake Kissel.

Other teammates had similar sentiments about their season, accomplishments, travels and fun they had.