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Boys’ lacrosse dominates Thomas Jefferson

On Thursday, May 3, the boys’ lacrosse team welcomed the Thomas Jefferson Spartans to the stadium for a blow out. The team played hard and smart, as the score was 14-7, a solid win for the boys.

“We worked together very well and came out ready to win in the at the start. Our want to win stayed throughout the game which I think made winning easier,” said senior Alden Kramer, who also scored two goals.

The team also kept improving as the game went on. They started off strong, scoring two goals in the first quarter, then three more in the second. However, the boys came out even stronger in the second half, as they scored four goals in the third and five in the last quarter.

“Coming out strong right from the start motivated us to keep improving and do even better in the second half,” said Kramer.

Winning this game was made even more special because it was senior night, so the boys were motivated to make it count. There were also posters of the varsity senior boys hung up to honor their dedication to the team, as majority have been playing since freshman year.

The boys hope this big win over the Spartans will help them in their away game against Conifer on Friday, especially since their season is coming to an end.

“I feel confident about tomorrow after this game, but Conifer is a hard team. I hope we can figure out what worked well in this game and do the same tomorrow,” said Kramer.

Seniors Bekah Sandstrom and Maleia Holyfield keep score and the lacrosse team managers.