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Art week inspires students

April 30 through May 4, the LHS Art Club brought back Art Week. The art program decided to reintroduce it this year due to the strength of the current art club.

Throughout the halls and in the cafeteria students in the ceramics class have been selling their art. Other students have been providing supplies for students to make their own bracelets for $5.

Monday during lunches, art club members led students in making zen tangle coloring books. After school they made flip books.

On Tuesday and Thursday during lunches, students could get a caricature portrait by art club, and Wednesday they could make watercolor greeting cards.

Students water color paint in the courtyard

Also on Thursday students could get henna tattoos all day, and after school could participate in a Bob Ross paint-along. Finally on Friday, students could show off in photo booth in the cafeteria at lunches.

Students paint-along with Bob Ross video

Students pose with their paintings