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Teams and clubs compete in pep assembly

Friday May 4, LHS had the annual Prom pep assembly. Due to the cancellation of school the Friday before Prom when many teachers were protesting at the capitol, student council rescheduled the assembly for the next week.

Sports teams and clubs competed for the spirit award with short cheers. FBLA won the spirit award with their active cheer.

The first team to compete, boys’ lacrosse, got the crowd excited with a WWE style takedown by senior Trevor Deshon. No students were (majorly) hurt in the process.

Girls’ soccer simulated a game on the court, “breaking ankles” as seniors Katie Puchino and Sarah Payson made their way down the court. Baseball also showed off their sport by having players score a home run.

The energetic track team also participated, showing off their large numbers. The boys’ swim team insisted once again on wearing only their swim suits to show their spirit.

Unique to this pep assembly was the new challenge for each team and club to hit a giant target. This task sounds easy but proved much more difficult with doge balls and plastic bats.