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Two players qualify for girls’ golf state tournament

This past Tuesday, the girls’ golf team competed at Eisenhower Silver Golf Course at the Air Force Academy down in Colorado Springs. The 4A region two competed at Eisenhower while the other regions competed at various locations to vie for a spot at state.

Junior Sydney Elder placed third individually while freshman Sarah Young placed twentyfirst to capture the final spot for state. There was also a total of nine teams that qualified for state which will be played at Colorado Country Club.

“State is the first two days of finals week so I have to makeup all my finals which is not fun, but I’m very excited to go. This is only my second year playing golf and my goal was to make state,” said Elder.

This course was one of the more difficult courses the girls have faced, but it wasn’t as grueling as some others.

“This was one of the hardest course we played because it was really hilly, but I did do well for a harder course,” said Elder.

This course was good preparation for the two girls that will be at state in a couple of weeks.