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Lions win in overtime against Palmer Ridge

On Wednesday, May 9, the Lions welcomed the Palmer Ridge Bears to LPS Stadium to compete in the first playoff game.

The Bears scored the first goal during the first half and held that lead until the Lions tied it 1-1 in the second, with a goal by senior Sarah Payson.

“We didn’t play very well the first half, but I think we went into the game half thinking it should be an easy win. When they scored, it forced us to pick it up. We had been getting more opportunities than them the whole game, but didn’t capitalize on them until later in the second,” said Payson.

The girls had to go into overtime, so they utilized their momentum from Payson’s goal in the second half to their advantage. Payson then scored very quickly in overtime to secure their win of 2-1.

“Going into overtime, we had the momentum which allowed us to score early. We also don’t sub very much, so I know everyone was tired and didn’t want to have to play for another half hour. Because of that, we wanted to score early. I think just knowing it could be our last game prepared us more than anything,” said Payson.

The girls’ next playoff game is against Mullen at 5:00 at LPS stadium.