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Lion Cubs

Marching Band: The never-ending musical group

As the 2017-18 school year is coming to a close, the LHS “Lion Pride” Marching Band is just getting started for the next school year. Auditions were in full swing and new music is already being rehearsed.

Almost a month ago, students who wanted to be drum majors auditioned for the part, and two weeks ago section leaders were trying out for the position. Color guard auditions were three weeks ago, and the two new drum majors have already been introduced.

For colorguard captain auditions, students had to go through a rigorous audition process.

“Basically, we had to write an audition piece using whatever equipment you want. After that part of the audition, there was an interview that was our band panel,” said sophomore Francesca Montgomery.

The new marching band piece for next year, “Off Our Axis”, was introduced to the students several weeks ago as well. The music has been given out, and the students are working hard to learn their new piece. Even the incoming freshmen have been introduced to the music.

 “[Marching band] lasts the majority of the year…everyone involved works really hard,” said eighth grader Jen Zirkle.

The Littleton High School Marching Band takes up a lot of commitment and time of the students and is truly never-ending.