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How to stay educated during the summer – sponsored story

YES, school is finally ending, and summer is here! Summer brings lots of sleep, swimming, barbecues and fun. However, what most people forget is the importance of keeping the brain active and staying educated over the summer. Three months is a long time without any sort of brain stimulus. Sure, take a couple of weeks off of deep thinking. Enjoy yourself, enjoy the outdoors and have some brainless fun. After that, here are some simple (and fun) ways you can stay educated during June, July, and August:

  1. Read a book- there is no better way to get your brain engaged than to read a book. Read a book that interests you. Students who only read books that they are forced to read for class often say they don’t enjoy reading. Reading is actually exciting when you are able to pick your own book and read it at whatever pace suits you best!
  2. Trivia- gather up some friends and play a game of trivia. Trivia is a great way to get you thinking outside the box. Try an online game like Trivia Crack or HQ to compete against people all over the country. You never know- you might learn some seriously interesting (and maybe even strange) stuff!
  3. Puzzles- whether it’s a crossword puzzle, word search, logic puzzle,or jigsaw puzzle, puzzles are a great way to get the brain going without having to think too hard. You can find crossword puzzles and word searches for free in the newspaper, or you can look for some simple puzzle books for $1 at Target, Walmart or even the Dollar Store.
  4. Watch the news- take a break of your normal video games and watch the news for a bit. There is no better way to stay educated than to keep up with current events.
  5. Play a board game- strategy games can really cause you to think and make educated decisions in order to win. Games like Risk, Sequence, Ticket to Ride, Payday, Chess, Monopoly, Life and Mancala are cheap board games you can buy and enjoy. Card games such as Uno, Sushi Go, Dutch Blitz, The Oregon Trail Card Game and Skip-Bo are great too. Other games like Perfection and Tapple test your processing speed and your ability to work well under pressure. Invite some friends to play with you, and have fun while you work your brain!

Finally, if you are an incoming junior or senior, summer is a great time to begin prepping for the ACT/SAT tests. Learning Foundations is an academic coaching company in Greenwood Village near Belleview and Quebec. They specialize in working with students of all kinds: ADHD, EFD, Gifted, Dyslexic, college bound, etc. Their ACT/SAT prep can be done individually with an Academic Coach or in a group with friends. They support students at their center or online. Call 720-583-0073 for more information and to schedule a class. If you mention this article, they will give you a discount of 25% off a summer class!

Stay cool, have fun and enjoy your three months of summer! But be sure to stay educated. Your brain will thank you when you return to school again in the fall.

This story was sponsored by Learning Foundations.