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LPS rivals compete for Veterans in foundation volleyball game

Wednesday August 29, rivals Littleton High School and Heritage High School teamed up to support veterans in the volleyball foundation game.

The game, organized by coaches and old high school classmates Jill Fitzpatrick of Littleton and Hannah Eberle of Heritage, gave all proceeds to the Hope for the Warriors Foundation, which supports veterans and their families. At halftime, several veterans in the audience were recognized.

[The team] supported each other and they fought hard as a group and I’m so proud of them for that. But even more than that we wanted to make sure tonight we were able to honor all the veterans, and it was so amazing having some of them here, especially the women representing the military tonight, and giving praise to the people who deserve it,” said LHS coach Jill Fitzpatrick. 

Heritage won 3 to 0, but the Lions played hard and stayed positive.

“Playing Heritage was a fun experience, they definitely challenged us to play better and work together. Even though we didn’t win, we improved as a team and had fun and that’s what matters,” said senior Zoe Kresek.

Senior Katie Hill at the net

Wednesday night’s game allowed the two schools who don’t play each other in season to compete with other students in the Littleton community.

“I think the game was more competitive in a good way because we fought hard and wanted to give them a challenge, and I believe we achieved that, but in the end we are very friendly toward each other because we know one another from middle school, or are mutual friends which I believe is very important,” said senior Katie Hill.

The Colorado High School Activities Association, or CHSAA, recently created the foundation game, where the sole purpose of the game is to raise money for charity. In addition to participating in the foundation game, LHS volleyball also uses its platform to support breast cancer awareness.

LHS talks during during a timeout dressed in pink breast cancer awareness jerseys

CHASSA recommends doing a think pink night because of the amount of women that are affected by breast cancer, and likelihood is many girls in this program will be, so that’s why we step and do that, ” said Fitspatrick.

LHS volleyball will host another “think pink” theme night this year to continue supporting breast cancer awareness through the sport.